About the program

About the program


International LLM students’ impressions about the LLM programs in Budapest

The Faculty of Law, ELTE is the most prestigious, highest ranked and most popular law faculty in Hungary. Valeriya from Russia studies European and International Business Law LLM and Ana from Serbia studies European Human Rights LLM at ELTE, in Budapest, Hungary.



The goal of the program is to shape internationally renowned legal experts who are ready to take challenges in global scale and confident to handle complex issues in international regulatory environment with high level of confidence.

Human Rights have become a significant part of the legal order of the European Union, accompanied with an ever growing social need for better protection. Internationally agreed human rights principles and standards now also increasingly influence economic policy formation.

Constantly ranked in the top tier of Law Schools in Central-Europe, the Faculty of Law, ELTE launches a program in European Human Rights to bring together leading scholars, lawyers and policy makers. Starting from 2016 September, our European Human Rights program focuses on complex and creative problem solving in the field of human rights law and wishes to enable students to take new approaches in human rights litigation on various European fora.

Globalisation has prompted interest in deepening understanding of the relationship between human rights and traditional areas of law. Important efforts have already been made by various international organisations to disentangle the links between ethics, human rights, development and economics.

Human rights advocates can bring rights-based approach not only to strive for higher level protection, but also to bring about better economic and developmental results, thereby instrumentalising human rights values and concepts.


We provide a vibrant, international environment where participants work under the supervision of internationally recognized experts. After graduation they will be able to confidently deliver legal solutions to multifaceted human rights issues or create tailor-made prevention tools to avoid human rights abuses.

Our leading scholars seek to foster an encouraging learning environment to support legal professionals who are frequently facing new challenges.