Zoltán Fleck

Zoltán Fleck

Full Professor, Head of Department, Center for Theory of Law and Society

Professional experience

1990 – 1993: Hungarian Academy of Science, Institute for Sociology, Researcher

1995 – present: lecturer and researcher at the Department for Sociology of Law, Faculty of Law (ELTE)

from 2004 – present: Head of Department

1995 – 1999: participating at a research coordinated by the Max Planck Institute für Europaische Rechtsgeschichte (Frankfurt/Main)

2001: participating in EU Accession Monitoring Program (Open Society Institute)

2004: fellow Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study

member of the MAB (Hungarian Acreditation Committee, Social Science Subcommittee)


Educational experiences: sociology, sociology of law, cultural and legal aspects of equal opportunity, sociology of judiciary. Graduate courses for law and sociology students,

Ph.D. courses on methodology and legal sociology at Faculty of Law


Email: zfleck@ajk.elte.hu

Phone: 411-6500 / 2807

Room: E. 311


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Fleck Zoltán: A Comparative Analysis of Judicial Power, Organisational Issues in Judicature and the Administration of Courts In: Badó Attila (ed) Fair Trial and Judicial Independence: Hungarian Perspectives. 242 p. Berlin; Heidelberg; New York: Springer, 2014. pp. 3-25. (Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice; 27.) (ISBN:9783319012155)

Fleck Zoltán: Impossible Arguments In: Uitz Renáta, Andras Sajo (eds) Arguments that Work: Strategies, Contexts and Limits in Constitutional Litigation. 201 p. Hága: Eleven International Publishing, 2013. pp. 161-176. (Issues in constitutional law; 7. (ISBN:949094789X)

Fleck Zoltán, Navratil Szonja

Lawyers in Hungarian History in a Sociological Perspective

In: Barbara Dölemeyer, Norbert Gross, Hinrich Rüping (eds) Anwälte und Ihre Geschichte: Zum 140. Gründungsjahr des Deutchen Anwaltvereins. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck Verlag, 2011. pp. 1167-1184. (ISBN:978-3-16-150757-1)


Sociology of Human Rights

Right to Justice; Human Rights and the Sociology of Jurisdiction