Petra Bárd

Petra Bárd

Associate Professor, Department of Criminology

Dr. Petra Bárd LL.M. SJD works as a researcher at the National Institute of Criminology. Since January 2010 she is Head of the Criminal Law Division of the National Institute of Criminology, Hungary. As a lecturer at the Central European University’s (CEU) Legal Studies Department she teaches EU constitutional law, EU criminal law, and selected issues in criminology and forensic sciences. At ELTE School of law she teaches criminology and data protection law. As researcher at the CEU Centre for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CELAB) she was participating in EU FP6 and FP7 projects investigating the legal framework of biobanks including their use for forensic purposes. She is the Vice-Chairperson of the Hungarian Europe Society since 2003. In her writings she primarily addresses European constitutionalism, human rights in the European Union, the rights of persons living with disabilities, and judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters.

Petra Bárd received her LL.M. in international business law in 2001, and was awarded her S.J.D. summa cum laude in the field of comparative constitutional law in 2008 nostrified as Ph.D in 2010.



Phone: 2760 ; 411-6521

Room: E. 314/B


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