Gábor Kardos

Gábor Kardos

Full Professor, Department of Public International Law

Professor Kardos has been teaching at ELTE Faculty of Law since 1981. His major courses include

  • International public law
  • The basics of international law
  • Current issues in international law (Corvinus University)
  • International Law (University of California budapesti tagozata, Corvinus Egyetem)) - in English
  • International Protection of Human Rights (CEU) – in English
  • International Humanitarian Law (CEU) – in English
  • European public law and politics (at Széchenyi University as well)
  • Geopolitics and international law
  • International protection of social rights (at the PKKE as well)
  • International protection of minority rights (at the PKKE as well)
  • Human rights and foreign policy
  • Case studies in international law
  • International protection of human rights (Kodolányi János College)
  • European protection of human rights (ELTE JOTOKI)
  • European Social Policy and Law (ELTE JOTOKI) in English


He holds lectures on an occasional basis at the following universities abroad: Vienna, Canterbury, NY State University, Oslo, Turku, Warwick

Professor Kardos is the Hungarian member of the experts’ committee of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (since 1998) and a Member of the Minority Research Network, since 2010. He recieved an Order of Merit in 2011.


Email: kardos@ajk.elte.hu

Extension: 2548 ; 411-6532

Room: E. 124


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Kardos Gábor

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Kardos Gábor

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The Institutional System and Practice of the European Social Charter