Eszter Bodnár

Eszter Bodnár

Associate Professor, Department of Constitutional Law


Visiting Research Fellow University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

-           Giving lectures and seminars on constitutional law.

-           Leading courses on electoral law, European constitutional law, citizens’ rights in the EU and in the ECHR.

-  Carrying out a postdoc research project on the transparency and publicity of judiciary.

-           Taking part in the researches of the department and in organising education and research.


Association of European Election Officials, Legal adviser, project manager

-           Preparing papers for election-related conferences, trainings, giving lectures, facilitating trainings.

-           Monitoring the electoral legislation of the members of the association.

-           Legal advocacy for the members’ electoral management bodies.

-           Maintaining relations with international partners of the association (UNDEF, OSCE/ODIHR, International IDEA, Venice Commission).

-           Managing the election-related projects of the association.



Phone: 2448 ; 411-6504

Room: E. 307.


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Citizens’ Rights in the European Union and the European Convention of Human Rights

Constitutional Interpretation